"My current work involves a combination of practices in art, surface design, textiles and garment design and making with a focus to create unique hand crafted work with attention to detail.

Colour is often a starting point for me. I tend to gravitate towards an earthy muted palette. My work overlaps between each dicipline. It is all closely linked and interrelated.
This includes hand dying and hand painting cloth, canvases and varied surfaces;  working with limited edition digital prints of surface designs onto selected bases ; transforming square or rectangular cloth pieces and garment off-cuts into large scale wall and installation works or garments by draping on a mannequin with minimal cutting and waste, each garment being unique and forming a soft sculpture that drapes beautifully on the body when worn." Sheree Dornan

Surface design | applied to textiles for garment designs and interior products.

Textile artwork | creating textile work for exhibitions, installations and garment.

Mixed media artwork | working with a variety of media.

Garment design | REE D'OR and Sheree Dornan labels are designed and created in house at BLOCK D STUDIOS. REE D'OR is on Instagram @r_e_e_d_o_r.

in 2013 and 2014 Sheree was invited to have her work published in two books by international design author Bradley Quinn

" Sheree’s work has an heirloom quality with attention to the smallest details and a conscious consideration of minimal waste of materials and producing sustainable garments to be worn and treasured for years. The use of reclaimed items are often involved in either the design or construction process."


TEXTILE VISIONARIES | http://www.laurenceking.com/us/textile-visionaries-innovation-and-sustainability-in-textile-design/

Laurence King Publishers | London & New York

FASHION FUTURES | http://www.merrellpublishers.com/?9781858945637

Merrell publishers | London & New York